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MICrobiome HELminth INteractions database (MICHELINdb)

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Welcome to MICHELINdb

The MICrobiome HELminth INteractions database (MICHELINdb) is a comprehensive online resource for mining of published bacterial 16S rRNA sequence data, and associated metadata, from studies investigating the impact of infections by helminth parasites of vertebrates on the gut bacterial flora.

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Last data update: 2019-10-03

Last website update: 2020-02-03

If you would like to store information from your study into MICHELINdb, please email Dr C. Cantacessi

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Please cite: Scotti, R., Southern, S., Boinett, C. et al. MICHELINdb: a web-based tool for mining of helminth-microbiota interaction datasets, and a meta-analysis of current research. Microbiome 8, 10 (2020).